About Laurie Anna ("LA")


 Laurie Anna ("LA") grew up day-sailing in New York harbor and extended cruising throughout New England and along the eastern seaboard where she caught an insatiable bug for the ocean and a lifelong passion for sailing.  During undergrad and graduate school, she would often join her live-aboard family for ocean passages and island time in the Bahamas and Caribbean.  


 She discovered when moving to Seattle that what had been a seasonal passion elsewhere is, with a heavy dose of GoreTex, a year round thing here!  For the past 23 years she has owned several boats and raced many others throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Favorite events include WIRW, Van Isle 360, Southern Straights, LEMWOD (Long Beach CA), Swiftsure, many rum-filled Round the Countyies in the frigid cold and too many other local races, shenanigans and adventures to count.  Once empty-nested, there is a cruising boat in her future :) 


 Other passions include solo kayak camping exploring the marine trails in WA and BC ....  ski instruction, participating in PSIA teaching and training events, and basically skiing wherever and whenever she can with family, friends and fellow ski instructors.  Once the snow disappears, and there isn't a sailboat race, she can be found on her road bike riding with friends, Cascade Bicycle Club and various events including Cascade's annual 200mi ride to Vancouver BC (RSVP).  


Laurie Anna currently works for REI developing processes and products that support the customer's experience on REI.com.  Living the REI brand, she spends as much time as she can skiing, sailing/racing, biking, kayaking and hiking/backpacking in Pacific Northwest.  She lives in Kirkland with her two boys, Dylan (20) and Seth (18), her two cats and a garage full of outdoor gear. 

LA's Other Adventures


  • Single parenting two amazing teenage boys
  • Backpacked for a week in the Enchantments … and other wonderful places in the Cascades
  • Hiked along south coast of Iceland with my son - yes, I tasted fermented shark and drank Brennivín
  • Sailed throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas and learned to clean and cook conch


  •  Van Isle 360 on a Santa Cruz 70
  • Bike from Seattle to Vancouver BC every summer - beautiful ride
  • Ski Instructor - yes, that's an adventure.  Everyday.
  • Ski PNW as much as possible - favs include: Red Mountain, Whistler, Whitefish and of course, locally


  • Hot Springs - where I can find them
  • Multi-day solo kayaking in the San Juan Islands, playing the currents and finding new places on the marine trail
  • Kayak warm water Desolation Sound with enough oysters to fill ya belly!
  • Completed year-long certification for life and business coaching and maintain a side business as a coach