About Allison


Allison grew up on an island where at a young age she perfected the art of water skiing on a stool balanced on a knee board…to see if it could be done. On a whim, she rollerbladed the island’s famed 33-mile Chilly Hilly bike race, because it hadn’t been done. After graduating from high school she exiled herself to Siberia—just months after the collapse of the Soviet Union—to dance and learn Russian, because it could be done. And that was just the beginning….


She once flew to a remote location with a minister of defense to amnesty rebels and trade guns for farm equipment, hiked in the mountains of Sanai with Bedouins, parasailed off the top of the Caucasus mountains, waterskied the Potomac in November, hitchhiked solo from Tbilisi, Georgia to the south of France in 120 hours and spent her maternity leave delivering aid to refugees. 


In her day job at the University of Washington, Allison works to improve access to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in low-resource settings around the globe; on the side she is leading a national effort to address sexual assault on airplanes.

Her home is on Bainbridge Island where she lives with her husband, Luka and their children, Niko and Amelia, in a converted 1909 torpedo warehouse. She has never been to Alaska, but she could see it from Russia…in heels.