About Aimee



Water has always captivated me; being in it's presence, I feel calm, refreshed, and awakened.  This energy has brought me back, time and time again to explore the depths of the sea.  Surfing, swimming, waterskiing, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding..I’ve done it all.  Even inner tube basketball.  Though I'd never sailed, its ever-changing nature an technicality always intrigued me.  When the opportunity presented itself last year, despite only pulling a few lines during two beer fueled Duck Dodges, I couldn't resist the chance to be a part of the Sail Like a Girl R2AK crew.  Why not learn in the throes of a completely nutty race through the treacherous waters of the Inside Passage?



Rowing is one the most challenging things I have ever done.  Your mind and body are pushed to their limits and you are forced to dig deeper to find more.  Moving together as one, the sound of bubbles rushing by the hull, air moving through your hair as the power of your team propels you through the water...Amidst the controlled chaos of bringing 8 individuals across the finish line, I find a sense of peace.  Rowing isn’t something I do, but has become a part of who I am.


The Adventure of R2AK.

I’m always ready for a new challenge.  Something bigger than myself.  Race to Alaska (R2AK) represents just that.  My drive, determination, and desire to constantly grow will not let me say no to this adventure.  I thrive when I’m pushed out of my comfort zone, and it’s here we learn the most about ourselves and what we’re made of.  Alongside a amazing crew of like-minded women, we will bring our strengths together to conquer R2AK and prove women can do anything.

Aimee's Other Adventures


  • Foredeck for Sail LIke a Girl, the 2018 winners of the Race to Alaska 
  • Became a boogie boarder, battling the waves at the age of 4 while living in Hawaii.
  • Rowed in college, continuing as a master, ultimately competing in the Head of the Charles and FISA Worlds.  Rowed through the eddies near Victoria Harbor while wearing cave woman costumes, followed by a grueling 10k race on Elk Lake.  Passion for the sport lead me to coach both juniors and masters rowers at Lake Union Crew, Lakeside School and Bainbridge Rowing.
  • Completed a 1/2 marathon on a whim with no training whatsoever
  • During two consecutive years completed a 40-day challenge with 6 days / week yoga, no caffeine, sugar or alcohol 


  • Traveled to Peru to build a community center for day care, after school services and vocational training.  Continued the journey to Cusco where the hike to Machu Picchu would begin, only to be foiled by landslides...Considered helicoptering in :)  Trip ultimately took a turn, where I spent time with an indigenous family on the small island of Amantani on Lake Titticaca.
  • Spent 7 hours driving up river in a small boat to a volunteer at research center in the Amazon Forest.  Observed thousands of parrots, monkeys, peccaries (wild pigs), capybara (largest rodent species), caymans (alligators) and even a JAGUAR!!!
  • Volunteered over 1200 hrs in 2 years for the Woodland Park Zoo, educating guests as a docent and working in several units as a keeper's aid.  Fed, trained and provided enrichment for Sun Bears, Sloth Bears, Hyenas, Pattas Monkeys, Giraffes, Zebras + Gazelles and Hippos.


  • Began scuba diving in Fiji; loved it so much got certified in snowing conditions in Seattle in Jan.  Have since dove in Tahiti, Mexico and Hawaii where I've observed, among a wide variety of sea creatures 20+ black tip reef sharks at one time, and a 9 foot lemon shark
  • Rappelled down the center of a 60 foot waterfall amidst the Hawaiian jungle where Indiana Jones was filmed
  • Drove an ATV through densely forested land, crossing rivers, craggy rocks and roots 
  • First time riding a motorcycle was on a Ducati Multistrada from Nice --> Cinque Terra -> Florence --> Rome
  • Not afraid of taking risks; worked as an consultant and engineer for 11 years and without hesitation did a 180 and has since managed a boathouse, several teams (kids and adults alike) and even ran the front of the house for a restaurant.