2019 Crew


Jeanne Assael Goussev

 "I am doing R2AK again because in 2018 I experienced a great deal if personal growth in a short period if time. Touching base with my inner strength was amazing. As captain, i found my voice as a leader and had a life changing experience with an incredible team of women. I know this year will be different with potentially stronger conditions and new challenges. I feel even more ready having spent this year getting to know the boat and trust what she is capable of. I have made some minor tweaks to the boat to further prepare her. I look forward to pushing our boat, the team and myself with different weather, competition and crew. Nothing compares to the quirky adventurous nature of this race and I cannot help but be a part of it again. And for the record, I am not defending our title. I am seeking adventure, personal growth and the feeling that when we hit the dock in Ketchikan that we left nothing on the table." 


Aimee Fulwell

"Over the last year, Sail Like a Girl became much more than we could have ever expected. It has opened doors and helped us advocate for more women's programming. More people are choosing to get out of their comfort zones and choose to do something challenging.

And for me, Sail Like a Girl became a huge part of who I am. Being a part of our R2AK team, I've not only been a part of creating something that truly impacts our community, but I've had the most amazing, one of a kind experience learning how to sail...And I can't wait to continue to hone my skills with an extraordinary group of women!"


Anna Stevens

"So, I got to visit with my inner warrior in last year's R2AK and damn, she's pretty cool! It was a crazy, amazing, fulfilling experience but left me just wanting more! This race is never about winning, there is an essence about it that can't really be described justly. To me, it's more about how the journey not only changes you but increases your self-knowledge like only really challenging, edgy, and awe-inspiring things can. Give me more R2AK, I'm not satisfied just yet!"


Laurie Anna ("LA") Kaplan

"I love that there's nothing pretentious or contrived about the R2AK … it’s all wits, brains (they are different), brawn and a bit of finesse.  A simple, yet beastly challenge that pokes the bear of my competitive spirit, puts a twinkle in my eye, yet keeps me humble and respectful for what Mama Nature may deliver.  Doing this event with this badass team of women is yet another angle of being a part of something bigger than me.  I believe powerful women can move mountains, sail to Alaska, win races, love, nurture, compete and be those essential role models for our next generations of powerful women who happen to sail too."


Lisa Cole

"The question people have been asking me for the last several years wasn’t, “Will you do R2AK?” The question was, “WHEN will you do R2AK?”  I have been waiting for the right circumstances, the right boat, the right team… I have spent years dedicated to teaching women to sail and helping them increase their confidence on the water. So last year, as I cheered on Team Sail Like a Girl and watched them inspire so many girls and women to get interested and involved in sailing, I knew this was the team for me. I feel honored to get to sail in this race with such an amazing group of badass women, and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish as a team. And if we give this race our very best, and what we are doing motivates other women to sail, then I will feel that we have succeeded. 

Besides, if you tell me that something will be potentially a little scary, very hard, and likely quite uncomfortable, I have to do it!"


Nikki Henderson

"Why am I competing in the R2AK?  Because it combines all things I love most in the world - the sea, the mountains, wicked company, big weather, adventure, exploration, self sufficiency. What better way to feed my addiction for mother nature.  And what a cracking challenge!"


Zoë Norbom

"I've been on R2AK’s media team since 2016 and have wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera. It’s time to find out! I believe in Sail Like A Girl’s bigger purpose and feel like I’ve found the right team to race with. I’m looking forward to pushing it, testing my limits, and growing. It’s not about winning for me. It’s about the adventurous heart and soul of this race."