2018 Team


Jeanne Assael Goussev

 "I am competing in the R2AK because I love to be challenged by difficult sailing.  When I leave the dock, it is me, the weather, the crew and the boat, that is all.  I love sailing with this group of powerful women and know that we can compete in this race and feel the satisfaction of completing the challenge that only the R2AK can provide." 


Anna Stevens

 "I am competing in the R2AK for the sake of my own sanity.  It is something that has gotten under my skin from the moment of inception and will drive me crazy not to do it!  I ache to rise to the challenge of it.  I have met that inner warrior inside of me a couple of times in my life and I miss her.  I can't wait to meet her again on the 750 miles north." 


Kate Hearsey McKay

“I am racing to Alaska because I can’t stop thinking about it.  R2AK has been calling my name since the beginning and it is something I have to do.  Now is the time and this is the crew to face that challenge.  I would also like to see a bear.”


Aimee Fulwell

"I’m ready for a new challenge.  Something bigger than myself.  R2AK represents just that.  My drive, determination and desire to constantly grow will not let me say no to this adventure.  I thrive when I’m pushed out of my comfort zone, and it’s here we learn the most about ourselves and what we’re made of.  Alongside a amazing crew of like-minded women, we will bring our strengths together to conquer R2AK and prove women can do anything."


Allison Dvaladze

"Salt water runs through my veins and challenge is my middle name (make that "not your average challenge"). Racing in R2AK combines my love for the sea with my passion for adventure, my dedication to pushing further and my commitment to showing what strong women are capable of achieving. I can't think of a better way to get to Alaska." 


Kelly Adamson Danielson

"When life opens a door you have the choice to take a risk and walk through, or to turn away. I’ve found in life the most memorable times have been when I have taken the risk and opened my mind to new possibilities. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience a grand adventure with an amazing group of women. And, Im super excited to see the phosphorescence at night."


Haley King Lhamon


Morgana Buell

"I feel privileged to work in IT, witnessing women exceeding their intellectual potential, however, I see fewer females working to attain their physical potential and the mental component that aligns with it.  Many women never come to know their physical potential, only their limitations. Leading by example and pushing my boundaries drives me."